Welcome to Enigma Dreams, a Pokemon fansite, mostly dedicated to creating Living Dexes, and Gens IV and V. My name is OT, I hope you enjoy your stay! Please use the navigation bar to explore.

~ Updates ~

19/03/24Happy one year to Enigma Dreams! Thank you for visiting!
16/03/24Lots of new links in the Library, and a journal about my new Pokemon Platinum playthrough!
06/03/24New art in OT's Exhibition!
23/02/24I added an Affiliate to the Mio Library! Please check them out!
01/01/24Happy new year! I added a new Webring!
31/12/23Added Cliques/Webrings, and tidied up a bit!
12/09/23Updates to OT's Notes and Gen V journal
21/05/23New Gen V journal entry and Living Dex update - the New Unova Living Dex is complete!
01/05/23Titles in Gen IV and Gen V Journals to make reading a little easier!
26/04/23New Gen IV journal entry
16/04/23Many pages have been updated - including new Links, Official Exhibition Artwork, Gen V journal, New Unova Dex progress, a site to-do at the bottom of this page, and minor updates to text elsewhere. A hidden page has also been added. Can you find it? Have fun exploring!
09/04/23More artwork in the Official Exhibition in Minamo Musuem.
06/04/23New Journal entry
02/04/23New Unova Living Dex progress updated.
26/03/23New link, added more Pokemon and sprites to Hall of Fame, new Artwork in theOfficial Gallery and New Moon Island.

will also not be used until the frequent updates on this site have died down, but will be used for new pages that weren't in the previous iteration of this site.

Added scroll bars to every page and adjusted some CSS.

25/03/23Hall of Fame 'My Pokemon' update, OT's notes, new link. Other minor updates such as graphics improvements, added sprites, and CSS.
23/03/23Living Dex and Gen IV Journal updates
21/03/23Website uploaded to neocities! Welcome everyone! If you know me from the previous site, welcome back! It's a NEW MOON today, the perfect day to launch this site.

Completed the following: Hall of Fame, Flower Paradise, New Moon Island (darkrai shrine), Canalave Library (links), Minamo Musuem (art, and including my own new art), Dear Alina..., and the about.

I also made a site button, and and graphics to use.

20/03/23Completed the following: Living Dex, How to make a Living Dex, and all Journals. I wrote a bit about this page in OT's Notes.

Created the following: About, Flower Paradise, Credits

19/03/23Started rebuilding this site. Created the Index page.

~ Pokewalker - OT's Adventures with Giratina ~

17/03/24 - Currently walking GIRATINA in HOENN FIELD. We've walked for 526 days and reached 5,032,883 steps!

~ Pokemon of the Day ~

19/03/24 - #491 DARKRAI / ダークライ - The Pitch-Black Pokemon!

17/03/24 - #308 MEDICHAM / チャーレム - The Meditate Pokemon!

06/03/24 - #654 BRAIZEN / テールナー - The Fox Pokemon!

23/02/24 - #830 ELDEGOSS / ワタシラガ - The Cotton Bloom Pokemon!

07/09/23 - #358 CHIMECO - The Wind Chime Pokemon!

05/05/23 - #495 SNIVY - The Grass Snake Pokemon!

14/04/23 - #722 ROWLET - The Grass Quill Pokemon!

13/04/23 - #353 SHUPPET - The Puppet Pokemon!

11/04/23 - #725 LITTEN - The Fire Cat Pokemon!

29/03/23 - #327 SPINDA - The Spot Panda Pokemon!

26/03/23 - #650 CHESPIN - The Spiny Nut Pokemon!

23/03/23 - #255 TORCHIC - The Chic Pokemon!

21/03/23 - #176 TOGETIC - The Happiness Pokemon!

20/03/23 - #239 ELEKID - The Electric baby Pokemon!

~ Webrings and Cliques ~

Darkness Ablaze/Darkrai, Crown Zenith/Cynthia's Ambition, Lost Origin/Chandelure

~ To-do ~

  • Weird Pokedex Entries page
  • Redo Living Dex videos and images
  • Living Dex Challenge page
  • My collections page, with cards, games, plushies, figures, and more!
  • Gen V and IV Living Dex tips
  • Cave of Being page, with my ideas and headcanons around the links between Sinnoh/Hisui and Unova
  • Pokemon rave OST page and Calm OST page
  • Giratina shrine?
  • Pokemon Newspaper Company page, with opinion articles, such as game reviews
  • Make a page dedicated to all the second-hand copies of games I have and their previous owners! To do: HG, D, + P
  • Sharon's fashions page, about fashion in Hisui!
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